An Anti-Illegal Immigration Crusade

This audio slideshow is done by the Miami Herald, and it talks about a man and how he fights to stop illegal immigrants from coming to the US. The audio slideshow is called “An Anti-Illegal Immigration Crusade.” Enos Schera talks about his attempts, since the late first wave of Hispanic immigrants in the 1960s-1980s, at stopping the government for allowing these people into the country. It also lets Cheryl Little discuss opposite side of this debate and how they do not harm our economy or state of living.

I enjoyed this audio slideshow; it really hits a relevant topic, especially since I’m from Miami. I think, though, that it lacks some elements that could make it even better. Many of the pictures are just different angle shots of people holding signs; I would like to see and hear from more people involved in the movement besides Schera. I also do not like how Little was on the phone in her audio. It wa s abit distracting and hard to hear. I feel like there was not really much talking about the issue and how it directly impacted the communities in South Florida; it just gave the two sides of the debate–there wasn’t the human or emotional aspect too tied into it.

If more variety of pictures were added, a live interview with little, more sources and a bit more natural sound–maybe even an illegal immigrant interview–, this story would be a lot better.


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