The Grand Father

This is a audio slideshow that the Miami Herald did is called “The Grand Father.” It is about a grandfather, who suddenly had to step up as a role model for his family. The slideshow tells how his daughter’s husband died, which suddenly made his four granddaughters without a father figure in their life. This slideshow tells the story of how the grandfather stepped up and became the person who would help his daughter love and care for her children–making sure they had a father figure in their life.

I think this audio slideshow did an excellent job in telling the story. I has a narrative arc, which takes you through the from the beginning. They present you with the conflict/problem, they show how it affected the girls, it shows the highpoint (the grandfather going above and beyond to help his daughter) and comes to the end where its the resolution. The bets part is it is not a resolution in the fact the problem was solved but it allows for us to know that, through the grandfather, the children have found a way to deal with their conflict without it bothering them.

The images were varied and great, the audio had great natural sound of the daughters and grandfather, a variety of sources, the pacing was also well done and the story had a universal theme of the connection and bond and love of family.


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