Keep on Losing, America

The video “Keep on Losing, America” is an example of a successful video multimedia story. It contains all the components needed.

The story is about Khadija Garrett, who is a lost and found attendant at Grand Central Terminal, and how she goes through the process of her job everyday. It was a really captivating because I would have never thought about this as someone’s job, and she makes it seem really interesting by how she tells her side of the story.

I like how they opened up the video with the sequence of the sped up time in the Grand Central Terminal. That with the use of the natural sound really added that effect of you wondering what this story was going to be about, especially with the title. The subway system? The Grand Central Terminal? Nope!

Then we meet Khadija, and she is a vivacious and strong character herself, so she moves the story forward well.

The 5-shot method for shooting was executed well, and there was a lot of natural sound used also. The most important part of the video was how Khadija told the story. She gave her job an appearance of more than a daunting task, but she made it seem like a whole entire game. She made each item seem like it truly connected with its lost owner; it was like the item had a story, which she helped tell through her job [and narration].

This was a really great video shot by Nick Pandolfo and Juan E. Gastelum, which is apart of the “Unsung New Yorkers” collection done by the Columbia Journalism School.


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