One in 8 Million

After searching the Internet, I have no doubt in my mind that this interactive multimedia story created by the New York Times was the best I came across. The interactive multimedia story is called “One in 8 Million.”

One in 8 million

The multimedia package is small Soundslides of different people with interesting stories that live in New York. They are all unique from a lady who is a blind wine taster to a singing waitress. The cool part is that it is interactive; you can scroll through these group of stories and just pick one to watch.

It does a successful job in the fact that each story has a unique and intriguing main character, it has a conflict and it also has its own unique resolution. This multimedia project also caught my eye because I plan to move to New York when I graduate–mainly because I want to live in New York and do journalism in a city with millions of people that each have a story to tell.


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