My name is Samantha Lena Rosenthal, and this is my WordPress that is designed for the Multimedia Journalism class I am currently taking at the University of Central Florida. I am 21 years-old, and I am originally from South FL. I am studying Journalism with a minor in Mathematics. My dream job is to write for the New York Times , whether it be their newspaper (for “The Arts” section) or magazine, but I just want to live and work in the Big Apple–a city filled with millions of people and stories to tell. I believe that multimedia journalism is key in the 21st century society we live in due to the newest advances in technology, plus the move from traditional print to online publication. I have taken photos for the Central Florida Future, but I have never attempted shooting and editing video for an article/project. I hope to learn all that in this class, and I hope that I can grow and become a journalist that can tell stories on all media platforms. Hope you enjoy the assignments and projects I work on as I strive to learn all I can and one day make my dream come true!


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