Blog Post #1: The Brief

Since the first week of class, the class has dove into trying to immerse us in the world of videojournalism and multimedia storytelling. We started off learning about the camera basics, figuring out the different parts of a camera and how to use the different settings to produce the quality shots we will need for our assignments.

Aperture. F-stop. Leading lines. Center of reference. These are all different terms that we not only learned what they meant but how to apply them. Our first assignment, the photo technique project, allowed us to have a hands-on experience in taking the “textbook talk” into a real-life situation. For me, it was hard not shooting in automatic; you really have to pay attention to your subject, surroundings and how the camera works.

We then discussed how to visually and through audio to tell a story, plus also how find and evaluate if a subject/issue has potential to be turned into a multimedia project.

One of my favorite examples of what we learned in all for chapters one, two and three is the multimedia story titled Hungry: Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome, which was produced by Maisie Crow. It took the idea of central characters , where the son and the father were the focus along. The story then went a step further then just explaining the illness and made it a personal story that engaged our readers emotionally. It gave an underlying theme of the relationship and unselfish love between a father and son–something universal almost anybody can relate to.

We also discussed how to record sound. The steps and preparation it takes o prepare for an interview, plus also how to conduct it. We also practiced even using Audacity to edit the sound, which all this is preparing us for our first Soundslides project.

Overall, there has been many great lessons learned in class so far. But by far, the most important….



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