Blog Post #2: Soundslides

From working on the Soundslides project, I have learned a lot about dealing with audio and images. Working on a project like this allows you to see the true value of a story and how if it is powerful enough it can stand alone without the images.

I really feel our project The Man Behind the Mic was really well done after we made the corrections; the story tells of the timeless love and bond between a father and daughter. It has the values of family, love and second chances all mixed into one. It makes it almost able for anyone to relate to the story, even if you did not go through a closely similar situation. I feel like the natural sound is what made the project even better. Hearing the daughter interact with her father, the Joshua rapping and him interacting with people, it made the story more powerful–like you were there.

I learned that images, too, need to be powerful and relate to the audio that is going on. You can have a powerful image but if it doesn’t align with the narrative arc, then it is pointless. Narrative arc is also key in telling an audio slideshow through Soundslides, or just in general if you put together one. Your story needs to have a structure that your viewer can follow; it needs to be able to present the conflict/problem and follow through in how the main character deals with it. Having a strong, central character is also going to drive the narrative even farther. The use of ambient sound is also necessary. This sound is actually what makes you feel like you’re in the story with the character, living their life with them.

I really would love to try to put together another project on my own time–maybe for Centric, the CFF or just for my own use of having a good story, with a strong character, that should be told. I know also know how time consuming editing audio, putting together images and creating the pacing of the slides is. This project, and so far in Multimedia Journalism have learned the power through telling a story with other types of media–how it can maybe even be more effective than just print itself.


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