Blog Post #3: Video Multimedia Storytelling

This semester has been quite a learning lesson for me. I never thought I would learn how to edit audio and video, and that is why I am so thankful I signed up last-minute for this class!

An update about what I have learned since my last blog post is Adobe Premiere can be a pain in the ass! Well, not always the most compatible you can say. With that I mean, editing video is harder than how it was for Soundslide. It takes more time ans patience to the precision of where to cut and how to cut.

Sequencing is also a huge thing I learned and applied in our project. Creating a successful storyboard is what kept our group focused on how to present our project, instead of being all of the place with ideas.

When filming, the use of the 5-shot method was really helpful. It allowed for us to capture different and new angles we might have never thought of before. It gave you new perspective to the story, plus it gave the story visual variety.

Overall, I feel that I have made a lot of progress. I have learned different ways of telling a story through just words. I learned how to use sound to tell a story (since it is KING). Also, I learned that to capture the true essence and what makes up a story.


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