Blog Post #4: End of the Semester

The semester has come and gone, and I am happy that I ended up adding this class at the last minute at the end of the fall semester. I was not sure what exactly to expect out of the class or what I would learn, but I learned a lot of valuable skill sets that will make me a more prepared journalist in the ever changing and growing field of journalism.

I learned so many different things, so I think instead of trying to ramble on I’m going to just list them:

  •  AUDIO IS KING! Your story should speak for itself if it had to stand alone.
  • An intriguing character is what keeps the story going and moving. There are different kinds of characters that can make a story, but it is all about finding a unique one.
  • When taking pictures or shots for sequences, you should follow the 5-shot method. It works and adds visual variety. It also helps with pacing.
  • There is a difference between pacing and sequencing. Pacing determines how a sequence plays out, but shots build up to make a sequence.
  • There are different cuts when editing video to help transition from shot-to-shot. It helps also create flow in your sequence.
  • How to prepare for an interview, how to conduct an interview and how to collect A-roll, B-roll and C-roll.
  • I learned how to use Soundslides, Adobe Flash, Adore Premiere & Photoshop.  I also learned more advanced things to do in Audacity because I’ve used that program before this class.

This is just part of the many things I have learned. But if I had to pick the one most important point this class has taught me it would be:

As a journalist in the 21st century, with the increase and the use of technology and social media, it is important to know how to tell stories other than print–especially since there is a shift toward stories going online. Knowing how to tell these stories online, in a different and interactive way, will allow to increase your readership, skill set and true knowledge of telling a story as a journalist. 


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